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Prototype Policy

All standard policies apply.


Unit(s) are pre-made and ready to ship, please allow for normal shipping times unless stated otherwise. In reference to shipping and returns please refer to our 'policy' page,

Prototypes are all made one at a time, by hand. Each unit comes in a limited quantity count and will be labeled as such. x(unit) out of x's(units). 1 of 1's, 1 of 5's ect. Due to the nature of pieces being printed, painted and/or sewn by hand some products may vary slightly from each other.

 Each prototype unit will come with a tag of authentication and batch #.

Prototypes will not be remade, however they may be altered or replicated into actual production for future collections. The original prototype(s) will be the only unit(s) with the batch #, and tag of authentication.


Releasing our prototypes allows us to give you a piece of the process from pre-production and in many cases a garment that will never see a full release. This will allow us more variety and more releases while we maintain our regular production schedule. 

Thank you for supporting us.