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About Anxiety

The first Anxiety piece was created in 2016, it was the first design I ever printed. 

Fifty individual prints, all done by hand, all done one at a time.

In mid 2016 I was in a very dark place, I was completely crippled and overwhelmed by anxiety at this time in my life. I refused to even drive after the sun went down because I knew that's when the anxiety and paranoia would be stronger then me and I couldn't trust myself not to steer off the road. 

Locked and isolated in my parents basement, as I often was, I made the graphic for "Anxiety". Immediately I knew exactly the vision I had for it, printed chaotically and in a overwhelming manner, representing how my anxiety made me feel. My friend had a screen, a squeegee and ink at his house. No press, no drying mechanisms, nothing but the bare essentials. I went to army surplus to buy a few blank hoodies and I went to office max to get the transparency printed. I had everything I needed and I reached out to my friend. At a period in time when my friend and I were really struggling, and everything we interacted with was ashen, and pointless. Unsure of our direction in life and unsure of what we were doing in the very moment, creating this piece changed everything. Once it was dried and done we realized we had just put something into the world that we loved and while doing so found a passion for creating. In the days it took to make just the first few "Anxiety" hoodies I realized I had effectively found a way to combat my mind, and truly feel better.

This was life changing. I had direction, I had purpose and I had passion. So much so that I noticed when the anxiety was trying to hinder me, I was able to look at my sleeves and press forward. I was able to push back, and do so harder using what once crippled me to make me stronger than I ever was.

I want you to gain exactly what I did from these pieces. I want you to feel the energy and love I put into them. Thats why we have not changed how we manufacture them. No warehouse, we're not mass producing them ever. We are still making these by hand, ourselves, one print at a time. I want you to wear this and instantly feel the energy and power it has, I want you to feel stronger. If you believe in what we stand for, you too can utilize these garments as a tool.

On the label of each piece will be a tag, where I hand sign the date of its completion. Along with that a important note and as the pieces in this collection evolve I never want you to forget their purpose. Wear these pieces not only as a shield but also a sword. My will is ingrained in these pieces, I hope yours will be too.

Each anxiety piece is so much more than a piece of clothing, it is a defense, an offense and a reminder of your own strength.

Thank you for reading this and delving into my mind. "Anxiety" is extremely important to myself and my team and we hope you gain from it just as much as we have.

- @jmargonie