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Created in 2017 by James Margonie, "Whore(er) Stories" is a art project born from lust, heartbreak, and tragedy. 

We all experience lust. Is lust wrong? No. Lust is freeing, sinning brings pleasure. Pleasure keeps us alive. If life is ours to experience why should we confine to the comforts of others? We shouldn't, we should express the beast within all of us. If anything is dangerous it is love...

The loss of love, the loss of a loved one. Betrayal by the world and by individuals is what created the pain this brand embodies. "Whore(er) Stories" is a play on words, with means to metaphorically represent the world around us. The world full of horrifying tales, specifically those centered around sex, soul, and sin.

Sex, Soul, and Sin have our reality in their grasps. Pain can come from any of the three. Mutilation of ones heart, the loss of trust, the desolation of love can destroy us. The passing of someone we love, the questions surrounded by the purposes of existence itself can throw us into an abyss of the unknown. Feelings of guilt, regret, and sorrow as we wrong others we said we loved. The feelings we expirence when the ones we love wrong us. These all can make continuing life feel nearly impossible. When the airs so heavy you can't get out of your bed without fearing you might collapse. These feelings can derail our lives, or we can choose to let them fuel our fires.

"Whore(er) Stories" is a fuck you to the pain. It is enduring the worst to have a chance at experiencing the best, it is a opportunity to wear our broken pieces on the outside, instead of hiding them within. 

This is expressing our beast within.

- @jmargonie